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Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Transamerica Life Insurance Company

  • A+ (Superior) Rating with A.M. Best
  • An Aegon company; Home Office, Cedar Rapids, IA 52499
  • Established in 1961
  • Total Assets $126B; Total Liabilities* $119.8B; Total Capital and Surplus* $6.2B (as of December 31, 2015)
  • www.transamerica.com

*Excludes asset valuation reserve

The above figures are reported on a statutory basis, as prescribed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The assets of the parent company, holding company, or company combinations are not available to pay the claims of individual policies and contracts issued by the insurance companies.

Company Information

Transamerica helps people achieve a lifetime of financial security, serving millions of customers across the United States with insurance; pension and retirement plans; investments; and asset management services. Yet helping people achieve financial security goes further than that. As we all live longer, the connection between our health and wealth is growing. Transamerica is committed to helping Americans see their spending, earning, and saving in a whole new way that takes into account everything that can affect personal finances. Transamerica is part of Aegon, one of the world's largest providers of life insurance, pension solutions and asset management products. Learn more at transamerica.com.

Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company is authorized to conduct business in New York. Transamerica Life Insurance Company is authorized to conduct business in all other states.

*Independent Ratings
A.M. Best Company, an insurance rating and information agency, has assigned the following financial strength ratings:

Transamerica Life Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)2nd highest of 16 ratings
Transamerica Financial Life Insurance CompanyA+ (Superior)2nd highest of 16 ratings

Ratings reflect the opinion of the relative financial strength and operating performance of the company as of the following effective dates. A.M. Best Company is a credit rating organization dedicated to serving the insurance and other financial services industries.

Ratings are current as of 12/31/2015. The financial strength ratings are subject to change and are not guarantees of future financial strength.
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What is Term Life Insurance?

Term life insurance is the most affordable way to protect your family's financial security if something happens to you.

Men and women in excellent health in their mid 30s and 40s can buy $100,000+ of term life insurance for under a dollar a day.

You can buy term life insurance for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years — however long you need it.

In most cases, term life insurance proceeds are tax-free. Consult with your tax advisor if you have any questions.

How Much Do I Need?

Term life insurance is the most affordable — and flexible — Life insurance product available. Why? Because term life insurance provides a specific death benefit amount for a duration — or term — chosen by the policyholder. Once a 10-, 15-, 20-, or 30-year term is selected, the coverage and premium amounts remain the same for the life of the policy. So rather than paying a monthly premium for the rest of your life, you can simply buy coverage for however long you need it — usually until your children are grown and out of the house.

Life insurance is a personal affair. Standard formulas such as buying coverage equal to eight, nine or ten times your annual income are inadequate shortcuts. Online calculators can provide a general guide, but it doesn't make sense to say that someone with four young children should have the same amount of coverage as empty nesters with no mortgage and a substantial retirement fund. Other items to consider:

The time factor. Figure out how many years you'll need to be covered.

Final expenses. Determine the total cost of your funeral, burial and related expenses.

Mortgages and other debts. Tally your mortgage balance, car loans, student loans, and any other major expenses.

Education expenses. This calculation can be tricky because you need to consider the cost of a college education at the time your kids will enroll, as opposed to what it would cost today. Hint: It will be more expensive.

Income replacement. Once you cover funeral expenses, debts and education, you need to determine the amount of income required for your family members to sustain their current lifestyle.

A conversation with an experienced agent can provide the guidance you need.

Why Choose SelectQuote?

In 1985, SelectQuote pioneered the direct marketing of term life insurance — providing unbiased price comparisons of your best rates from highly-rated term life insurance companies.

Your personal SelectQuote agent is dedicated to:

  • Answering all your questions.
  • Offering all the information you need to be an informed buyer.
  • Diligently shopping for your best prices from the trusted companies SelectQuote represents.
  • Going to bat for you every step of the way.

SelectQuote focuses on each client’s individual needs in order to find the policy that suits you best.

SelectQuote is America’s #1 Term life sales agency.

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Transamerica Life Insurance
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