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Why Many Online Life Insurance Quotes Can Be Misleading

Chances are you've gotten conflicting quotes if you've shopped several online companies for term life insurance. The varying estimates you receive are usually a result of how many – or how few – questions you answered to get your quotes. And which life insurance companies the quoting firm represents.

The following facts can save you time and money, and often spare you from disappointment.

  • No matter what you are quoted, your final price will be determined by the insurance company you have chosen. And this is done only after all relevant records and the results of your medical exam have been reviewed.
  • Answering a handful of questions rarely leads to an accurate quote. Your price is influenced by dozens of factors, including your health, your family health history, your occupation, and even your hobbies.
  • The more details a term life insurance agent knows about you upfront, the more accurate your quote will be.
  • Different life insurance companies specialize in different risks. For example, some companies offer more reasonable rates for smokers or for people who take medication to control cholesterol or blood pressure. You want to make sure your quoting company offers a good choice of life insurance companies for your particular needs.

For these reasons, SelectQuote does not give quotes online. We can offer you ballpark quotes to give you an idea of what your rates may be. But to get the most accurate quote possible, you need to consult with a licensed SelectQuote agent who will answer your questions and gather all the information necessary to match you with our best companies and prices.

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