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Quote for Term Life Insurance | No Medical Exam

Many people interested in purchasing term life insurance are so discouraged by the prospect of a medical examination that they don’t even take the first step towards finding out what their coverage options are. Anxieties related to medical exams are often rooted in stress about “passing” the exam, fear of needles, the onset of a medical condition, irregular doctor visits, or recent changes in health, diet and lifestyle.

How A Medical Exam Gets You A More Accurate Quote

You don’t need a medical examination to learn about your coverage options from SelectQuote. Nor do you need one to get a free quote from a licensed SelectQuote agent. In order for an insurance company to determine the exact price of your policy, however, a medical exam is required. Even if you have a preexisting medical condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, a medical exam can actually improve your chances of getting the lowest price available. How? Certain companies we represent tend to offer lower rates than other carriers for people with a specific health issue. The more information we have about your medical condition and family health history, the more likely we are to secure your best possible rate from the company that’s right for you.

Do I Need A Medical Examination To Get A Policy?

While you don’t need a medical examination to get a term life insurance quote through SelectQuote, you do need one when it comes time to apply for a policy from the life insurance company of your choosing. Examinations are provided free of charge by the carrier, and scheduled at your convenience. Your SelectQuote agent can offer advice for making your medical examination go as smoothly as possible, along with tips for getting the best results – and the lowest premiums. These include drinking plenty of water, keeping up with any medications you might take regularly, avoiding alcohol, and getting a good night’s sleep the night before the exam.

A medical exam is a small inconvenience compared to the peace of mind that having life insurance brings. To learn more about term life insurance, click here or call 1-800-670-3213. also provides the following resources:

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