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Level Term Life Insurance | Quotes & Rates

Level term life insurance policies provide a fixed amount of coverage with premiums that remain stable over the term of the insurance contract – usually anywhere from five to 30 years. Once the end of the term is reached, an annually renewable term rate schedule immediately goes into effect – with much higher premiums that increase with every passing year. You will be notified of your new higher rate at the end of your term period, at which point you have the option of canceling your policy.

Level term life insurance definition

Level term life insurance provides the same amount of coverage for a specific length of time, over which you pay the same premium. You can generally buy it in periods of five to 30 years, and your policy will remain active – as long as you continue to pay the premiums – until your term period ends.

The truth about level term life insurance quotes

Remember that a quote is never a guaranteed price. It's an estimate based on the information you provide to an insurance agent. The more detailed and accurate the information you provide on your height, weight, medical condition, family health history, job, and hobbies, the closer your quote will be to your final price.

How do I get my best level term life insurance rates?

The younger and healthier you are, the lower your level term life insurance rates will be. But remember, different insurance companies offer different rates for the same amount of coverage. To get your lowest rates, you need to comparison shop several different insurance companies.

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