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Why You Need A Choice Of Term Life Insurance Companies

Over 1,000 companies sell term life insurance in America, and each offers a different set of prices. Without shopping a number of companies, you could easily overpay hundreds of dollars a year for term life insurance.

Here are some other ways to compare life insurance companies:

  • A. M. Best rating. The higher the rating, the stronger the company is financially.
  • Underwriting time. Some companies take much longer to process your application. Ask upfront what the expected underwriting time is for the company you choose.
  • Risk specialization. Some companies offer comparatively better rates for smokers or for people who take medicine to control cholesterol or blood pressure. Make sure the company you choose has the best rates for your personal profile.

A SelectQuote licensed agent will shop our highly-rated companies and give you an impartial choice of the best rates for you.

SelectQuote only represents companies rated A- to A+ by A.M. Best, and who have a good reputation for paying legitimate claims promptly.

SelectQuote constantly monitors all life insurance companies to make sure we represent a mix that provides competitive prices to the greatest number of people who qualify for life insurance. We can also tell you which Life Insurance companies generally offer the most expeditious processing of your application.

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