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What It Takes To Get An Accurate Life Insurance Quote

Remember that a quote is never a guaranteed price. It's an estimate based on the information you provide to an insurance agent.

The more detailed and accurate the information you provide on your height, weight, medical condition, family health history, job, and hobbies, the closer your quote will be to your final price.

Here are some tips for getting the most accurate quote possible:

  • Have your current height, weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels on hand. All of the figures you provide will be verified during your life insurance paramedical exam. If the exam results vary significantly from what you indicated in your quote interview, your final price could be affected.
  • Make a list of any medications you are taking, how long you've been taking them, and what they are for.
  • Be prepared to discuss the health history of your parents and siblings, your travel plans, your occupation, and your hobbies.

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