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10 Year Term Life Insurance

A 10-year term life insurance plan will provide replacement income to your spouse, children, or any other beneficiaries in the event of your passing – provided you die within the 10 years that the policy remains active.

Comparing Rates For 10-Year Term Life Insurance Policies

Why compare rates for 10-year term life policies? Because the same plan can vary by hundreds of dollars from one carrier to another. To get a valid rate comparison, it pays to start with an agency as opposed to a life insurance company. Here’s why:

  • The online quoting engines provided by the insurance carriers themselves don’t allow you to “compare” anything.
  • You get a single rate from a single company (theirs), without any perspective on whether or not it’s a good deal.

SelectQuote Can Help

Because SelectQuote is an agency and not an insurance company, they can afford to be impartial. By comparison shopping the pick of several highly-rated carriers for your best term life rates, SelectQuote provides you with a comparative range of options.

Start Online

The online quote form at is a great way to get started for free. Here’s how it works:

  • Answer a few short questions about your lifestyle, medical history, and coverage preferences.
  • A SelectQuote agent will get back to you with a range of competitive prices from several leading life insurance companies.

This way you can see the savings for yourself, as opposed to just being told that you’re getting a good deal.

Get Informed

If you don’t feel like talking to an agent, there’s plenty of information on to make you a more informed buyer – and help you get the best plan at the best price for your family’s financial needs. A good place to start is the agent videos page, where actual SelectQuote agents answer frequently asked questions about the life insurance buying process.

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