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Best Quotes | Level Term Life Insurance

Thanks to the Internet, learning about your best level term life insurance rates has never been easier – or quicker. Whereas you used to have to deal with a life insurance agent in person to learn about your coverage options, filling out an online questionnaire has become the industry standard for starting the quoting process – often free of charge.

Beware Of The Online Quote

But not all online quoting services are created equal. Here’s why:

  • Many don’t ask enough health and lifestyle questions to provide an accurate idea of what your level term life insurance rates might be. It’s all fine and good to get an online quote after providing general information like your age, gender, height, and weight. But if you also happen to be a smoker, or have a family history of cancer, heart disease or diabetes, your premium will likely be significantly higher than the rate you were originally quoted.
  • Many will only provide you with rates from a single life insurance company. While level term life insurance rates tend to be much lower than whole life or universal life insurance premiums, rates for the same risk category could vary by hundreds of dollars from one company to another. To make sure you’re getting your best rate, you need to shop around.

The SelectQuote Solution

With SelectQuote, you can get an accurate quote right off the bat. Here’s how:

  • Impartial shopping. Instead of being beholden to a single life insurance company, SelectQuote comparison shops several highly-rated life insurance companies that we represent to find the best rates for you.
  • An eye for detail. In addition to asking more detailed questions on their starter form than other online quoting services, SelectQuote encourages prospective buyers to speak with one of their agents in order to get a realistic sense of what they might actually have to pay for a level term life insurance policy.
  • Expert agents. SelectQuote’s agents help thousands of people every week, so they know the different life insurance companies inside and out. In just 10 minutes, they can provide you with an accurate range of price options. They also have plenty of experience with securing affordable coverage for people in high-risk categories.

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