What to Expect From Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

As part of the life insurance application process, most insurance companies require you to have a medical examination. While this may sound time-consuming and costly, it’s actually neither. Most insurance exams only take around 15-20 minutes, and you won’t have to account for travel time since the paramedic or doctor who conducts the exam will come to your home or office – whichever is most convenient for you. As for the cost, there is none – the insurance provider pays for everything!

What to Expect

Here are the basics that your medical exam will cover:

  • A review of your medical history
  • A basic physical examination to measure your height, weight, pulse, and blood pressure
  • Blood work
  • Urine sample

In addition to the basic medical exam outlined above, some life insurance companies will ask you to fill out multiple questionnaires or agree to further testing (like an EKG, or electrocardiogram). All of your information will be treated as confidential so no one aside from the insurance company will have access to your results.

Preparation Tips

Although you don’t need to do much to prepare for your medical exam, here’s some advice for getting the best possible results:

  • Drink plenty of water in the 12 hours prior to your exam.
  • Refrain from diuretics like alcohol, coffee, tea, and soda in the 12 hours prior to your exam.
  • Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco – or being around people who smoke – on the day of your exam.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours prior to your exam.
  • Make sure you are well-rested on the day of your exam.
  • Schedule an appointment time that works best for you, but keep in mind that morning exams yield optimal medical results.
  • Be ready to answer questions about any medical conditions you have, medications you currently take, or surgeries you’ve undergone.

Your Results

Although the processing time for life insurance applications varies from company to company, it typically takes less than two weeks for the carrier to receive your results from the lab and review them at length. Don’t be afraid to ask when you’ll receive word on your application –most companies will gladly provide you with an ETA. Good luck on your medical exam, and remember to relax!

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