What Did The 4th Mean To You This Year?

family fireworksHow was your 4th of July celebration?
America might not have as many traditions as some other countries, but the 4th of July is always ours alone. Independence Day may conjure different memories for different people, but there are certain staples that every patriot should experience. Here are our “Four F’s of the Fourth of July”:
It’s always a holiday. Holidays are meant for families. Did you turn it into a reunion and make that a new tradition? Thanksgiving and Christmas occur in the fall and winter, which are typically cold and cabin fever prone for all of us. Warm weather opens up the enjoyment of outdoor activities. Idelay you experienced a beautiful summer day with your kinfolk outside on the patio, or in a tent, or on a boat!Flags: 
You probably have one, but maybe it’s folded up in the attic or basement. Or it has been flying outside for so long that it’s sun faded or wind ripped. Either way, it’s a time to put up a new one or finally install a flagpole. Raise it in the yard or next to the front door. You don’t want to be the only family in the neighborhood who doesn’t wave the red, white, and blue.
The grill was invented for feeding people outside. And the 4th is a prime day for being outside. The barefoot touch of soft green grass or the sound of a pool splashing just isn’t complete without the smell of charcoal burning. Maybe you purchased a homemade ice cream machine and made it yourself! – for some reason it always tastes better that way.
Most states have strict regulations on consumer use, but if used safely they can evoke a stimulating experience filled with bright lights, bursting sounds, and deep sighs. Visiting the pop-up firework stand is an annual summer pilgrimage. Of course always read the warning labels and follow the directions, but also remember that the safer options (sparklers, small smoke bombs) can also be the most interactive and fun.
So as you look back over the long weekend – we hope that you were able to spend time making truly memorable moments with your friends and families. As a warm summer awaits – SelectQuote wish’s you even better memories to come!

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