Traveling in 2013? Helpful Tips to Prepare

family travelBooking the perfect hotel room and planning your ride to the airport may seem like the most important things to do before you leave home, however, there are other tasks you can do to ensure a peaceful and worry-free vacation. Whether you are leaving behind your children, your beloved pet, or a tomato plant, these tips will leave you assured that everything at home will be taken care of while you’re away:


  • Have someone you trust watch your house for you. Knowing that they will drive by it every day and check up on it will give you a peace of mind
  • Leave a porch light on (or set up a light timer) so that your home doesn’t look vacant and become a target
  • Empty your refrigerator of perishable foods and unplug unnecessary electronic devices to avoid extra electricity costs
  • Make copies of your life insurance policies and put them in a safe place
  • Write out a will and list the beneficiaries of your assets. This does not need to be official but you should notarize and date it nonetheless
  • Also, have a serious talk about what will happen to your children should you not return
  • Write everything on paper and put it in a safe place that a trusted person knows of
  • If you are leaving someone behind that needs to be looked after, provide specific instructions of the care you expect them to receive while you’re away
  • Provide the “caretaker” with a list of important contacts for your loved one like doctors and family or friends close by, in the case of an emergency
  • Pay your bills before you leave or set up auto bill pay. This helps with budgeting your trip and avoiding late payment fees.
These tasks, coupled with your usual ‘Things To Do’ list, will take away the uneasy feeling you might get when you leave the house unprepared. Preparing for the unexpected is the best way to create a mindset in which you are relaxed and ready to enjoy your vacation in the new year. Wishing you happy traveling from all of your friends at SelectQuote.

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