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Disaster Strikes Your Second Home: Are You Prepared?

Once you decide you’re financially ready to buy a vacation home, one important step is insuring your new pad. It’s different than buying insurance for a primary residence. Factors such as where it’s located, who stays there and what amenities are available will help determine your home insurance needs. Your Vacation Home Versus Mother Nature For many people, the whole idea of a vacation home is to be closer to a sandy beach or among the crisp mountain air. That perfect location for rest and relaxation may come with some additional insurance costs. Hurricane season and intense rainstorms underscore the…

Ready to Buy (and Insure) Your Vacation Home?

There’s something so enticing about the idea of owning a vacation home. It’s the vision of a special place that feels both familiar and an escape at the same time. It is a place to make memories. And a place your hard-earned dollars translate not only into luxury, but a return on investment. However, like all large purchases, a vacation home isn’t something you should jump into without lots of thought and number-crunching. Here are five things you need to consider before making an offer on a vacation home:   Practicality Okay, so being practical is probably the furthest thing…