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Budgeting Basics: 6 Steps for Creating and Keeping to a Budget

Budgeting can be a difficult subject, largely because it gets a lot of negative publicity as a last resort for people who have mismanaged their personal finances. But the reality is that budgeting is exactly what people need in order to avoid money problems. Avoiding addressing your budget concerns only make it more challenging in the long run. Budgeting may be misunderstood but here are a few tips to get you on your way to taking control of your finances.    Approach Budgeting With a Healthy Mindset Budgeting should be seen more as a helpful life-hack and less of an…

New Year’s Resolutions: Money Edition

Less than half of New Year’s Resolutions last more than six months, even though most of them are designed to be longer-term improvements. Financial resolutions may fare even worse since it seems like there’s always some bill waiting to be paid, some upcharge that’s impossible to avoid, or some unexpected expense. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth setting – or that they’re impossible to keep. Unlike some financial advice that’s specific only to certain age groups, income levels or life stages, these small financial resolutions are attainable, impactful and nearly universal: Download an Automated Savings App Apps like Acorns…