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Teaching Kids About Money

A basic financial life skill is knowing how to live within your means – something that schools don’t teach. The live-now-pay-later lifestyle is alluring, with credit card companies targeting adults of all ages, starting with college students. It’s all too easy for young adults to max out several cards and paying the minimum each month until they’re in so deep they have no choice but to file for bankruptcy. Perhaps if parents can teach their children, starting at a young age, how to successfully manage money, the danger of living beyond their means could be prevented. Here are financial lessons…

6 Ways Giving Back to Your Community Boosts Your Career

The happy glow you get from volunteering in your community can do more than make you feel good – it can also help advance your career. Here are six of the many ways it pays to be a great volunteer: Expand Your Professional Network When you volunteer you meet new people. As you get to know them better, you may chat about your job and your goals. You never know if the person raking leaves next to you is looking to hire someone with your skills and ambitions, or can lead you to a new opportunity. Bond With Your Co-Workers…