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How to Turn a Financial “Don’t” into a “Do”

A lot of financial advice is framed as things you should never do. Here are a few “don’ts” you’ve probably heard more than once: Don’t borrow money from your retirement plan. For instance, see 4 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Take a 401(k) Loan. Don’t take a loan or use your credit cards to fund your dream to… [fill in the blank — start a business, go back to school, relocate, etc.] Don’t borrow money from (or lend money to) family or friends. Here’s a quick take from financial advisor Dave Ramsey on why this is always a bad idea.…

Why Estate Planning Is for Everybody

Estate planning and life insurance go hand-in-hand. Or, as Forrest Gump might put it: they go together like peas and carrots. Thinking about your last will and testament and other end-of-life decisions usually involves thinking about your life insurance needs, too. Unfortunately, avoiding one usually involves avoiding the other – and the majority of Americans are falling short when it comes to estate planning. Do you have an estate plan? Do you have life insurance? If not, here are some compelling reasons to get you going on both fronts. Everyone Has an Estate The popular connotations of the word “estate”…

6 Holiday Tips to Improve Your Finances in 2018

If holiday shopping and social obligations have you seeing nothing but dollar signs, you can easily turn worried about your shrinking bank account and growing credit card debt into positive steps for the coming year. Take a little time now – in this busy month of December – to make small changes that will put you in better financial shape for 2018. Here are six tips to help you get started: Look Back At Your Spending If you mostly use credit and debit cards to cover your costs, it’s easy to look back through your statements for 2017 to figure…

5 Tips to Prepare Your Kid for College

Getting ready to send your kid off to college can be daunting. After you’ve scoured countless shops for the perfect pillows and performed many demonstrations on how to separate the darks and lights, there’s the (really important) part about getting them ready to navigate their time and responsibilities on their own. Preparing your kid for the college years doesn’t have to be as big as the pile of laundry they will bring with them their first trip home. The key is helping them dial up the skills they already have to be ready for college life. Maximize Productivity College is…

Do you have Spring Fever?

Spring PlantingWhat is Spring Fever anyway? Does it only affect you in Spring? Is it contagious? Does it even exist?

Apparently, you have been a victim of “Spring Fever” if you have experienced restlessness, excitement, tiredness, or virtually any other feeling that is unusual from your normal self. It’s probably safer to assume, though, that what you have probably experienced is extra sunshine, warmer days, and a tickle in your throat because your allergies have returned once again. Nonetheless, Spring is awesome because it gives you an excuse to “Spring Clean,” which means you can “clean” essentially anything in your life and deem it justifiable.

Yeah, we know you’ve already heard the phrase “Spring Cleaning”