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7 Ways to Save Big, Spend Little This Summer

Summer is here and the kids are out of school, leaving parents to find solutions to that age-old kid complaint — “I’m bored.” Keeping everyone occupied and happy can often cause a drain on the budget. But, it doesn’t have to. These seven tips for budget-friendly summer activities will help you save big, spend less and keep the kiddos engaged this summer. Discover Free and Discounted Activities at Local Businesses Local parenting magazines, blogs and Facebook groups are a great way to find free and cheap things to do with your kiddos this summer. Many home improvement and craft stores…

7 Ways to Spend a Little to Save a Fortune This Spring

Congratulations. You and your home survived another winter. If you got through it without frozen pipes, a damaged roof or furnace failure, consider yourself fortunate. Don’t press your luck now that spring has arrived. Spending a few dollars or hours on low-cost or DIY maintenance this spring can stave off thousands in repairs down the road. Here are seven of the more doable and valuable home maintenance tasks on your to-do list: Get After Those Gutters Water will always flow in the path of least resistance. Ideally, it’s through wide open gutters and downspouts. But leaves, sticks and other debris…