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Sandwiched in: Focusing on Finances While Supporting Family

Whether it’s stories about the “skills gap” being created as Baby Boomers retire or criticism of the expensive coffee habits of Millennials, generations crowd the headlines. No matter what generation your birthdate puts you in, you might find yourself living in the middle of another one – the sandwich generation. The Sandwich Generation Descriptions of the sandwich generation have evolved since social worker Dorothy Miller, first wrote about these caregivers more than 35 years ago. This is due to longer life expectancies, people having children later in life and the increased needs of some dependent children. If you are caring…

Planning Ahead to Make Your Retirement Years Golden

What will your golden years look like? For many people, visions of cruises, beaches, golf courses and grandchildren fill their minds. People are much less likely to imagine the kind of long-term care that is necessary for many aging adults. While it may not be the blissful daydream of our imaginations, preparing for the possibility of long-term care is an important way to make the most of the golden years. Who Needs It Much like wills and life insurance, long-term care isn’t something that people enjoy thinking about. However, whether it is a parent, a spouse, a loved one, or…