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Life Is Short [Infographic]

As we hit life’s milestones, we often reflect upon our past years and what we want to do in the future. Did you have goals? Did you accomplish them? Are you making the most of the life that you live? It is important to keep track of your time because we all know far too well how quickly it passes. Here are some of the most time-consuming ways people spend their lives. How are you going to spend yours?

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All The Years You Never Knew You Had - an Infographic

Killer Facts and Odds of Dying [Infographic]

Everyone has their phobias, most of which are motivated by a fear of death. Fear of flying, fear of spiders, and fear of sharks are some of the most common ones that people tend to have. But if you knew that you were more likely to be killed by a donkey than die in a plane crash, you might be a bit more at ease the next time you prepare for takeoff. SelectQuote’s Killer Facts and Odds of Dying infographic reveals some shocking statistics about death that are sure to raise your eyebrows. As you can see, most of the ways that people are afraid to die are the least likely to happen – while the most frequent causes of death are often overlooked.

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Killer Facts and Odds of Dying