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Options When You Must Pay for Medical Care

Obtaining quality medical care sometimes comes with a high price that you must pay. Whether for an elective procedure such as cosmetic, bariatric or laser eye surgery, or medically necessary surgery that is out-of-network or exceeds your coverage limit, you may face thousands of dollars of medical debt. Although the thought of coming up with a pile of cash to pay off medical bills may seem daunting, you have choices when it comes to financing medical debt. There’s no need for you to postpone or refuse important medical care because of high costs. Here are a few financing options to…

Questions to Ask When Financing a New Car

If you’re like most Americans, you don’t have $36,270 (the average new car price) saved up and burning a hole in your pocket. However much or little you have saved toward the purchase price, you’ll need to finance the rest. Once you reach a deal, it’s time to talk financing. Knowing what to ask will determine how much or how little will be added to that purchase price. Where Will You Get Your Financing: Bank or Dealer? There are pros and cons to either option, and lots of exceptions. You can’t beat dealer financing for convenience. But sometimes a bank…