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How Your Life Insurance Quote is Determined

Life insurance plays an important role in protecting your loved ones from financial burden. Single or married, in your 20s and 30s or older, with kids or without, most people benefit from some level of life insurance. However, the perceived cost often holds people back from buying a life insurance policy. It’s assumed life insurance is expensive. A misconception that’s untrue for many people. How are Life Insurance Quotes Determined? The process of getting a life insurance quote is simple. You’ll start by filling out a questionnaire. This helps your SelectQuote agent provide a side-by-side comparison of prices from highly…

Your Life Expectancy: Factors to Consider

While you can never know for certain how long you’ll live, knowing the answers to some basic questions can help you live your best life. Since none of us know how long we will live, the next best thing is being informed about how to make smart health and lifestyle choices. The American Academy of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries developed a longevity calculator tool to give you a bit of perspective on your life expectancy. The tool asks only four questions to provide a foundation for understanding your longevity. Answering those four questions is a good start but…