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How to Get a Raise in 5 Simple Steps

The year is quickly coming to an end, and for many, that signals the fourth quarter is right around the corner. We all know what that means – year-end performance evaluations and opportunities for raises and promotions will be here quickly. Do you have high hopes of getting a raise or a promotion this year? If so, now is a great time to prepare for these interviews and evaluations, and put your best foot forward. With a little extra commitment, combined with some practice and preparation, you can increase your chances of getting a raise with five simple steps. Compensation Trends Before we dig into the five steps, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with some recent salary trends. Studies have long associated women’s lack of assertiveness in salary negotiations as a common explanation for the 21 percent gender wage gap in the U.S. However, recent research shows that young women,…

5 Ways for Small Business Owners to Stay Out of the Red

As every small business owner knows, you pay the cost to be your own boss. While there are certainly benefits to running your own enterprise, being a small business owner means you have to worry about a long list of matters – like payroll, overhead and benefits packages – that you don’t when you work for someone else. This month, the US Small Business Administration observed its 52nd annual National Small Business Week. To celebrate, here are five tips to keep your small business out of the red. Maintain a Powerful Brand Image No matter how small your company, a powerful brand image is essential. Your brand image is developed through repeated interactions with current and future customers, so it’s essential that your messaging be consistent. This means having the same look and feel in all forms of marketing – including direct mail and email campaigns, website development and maintenance, blog…