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5 Easy Ways to Eat Better Now

March is National Nutrition Month, so why not use it as an excuse to revamp your eating habits? Contrary to popular belief, eating right doesn’t mean dieting – and it certainly doesn’t mean saying goodbye to great taste. Here are five easy ways to start eating better this month (and every month of the year). Watch What You Drink All those so-called vitamin and energy drinks may sound healthy, but the majority of them are just sweetened water. And most fruit juices have even more sugar than soda pop. Don’t let the labels fool you. If it’s not skim milk, plain H2O, or regular coffee or tea, it’s a treat. For a healthier thirst quencher, try lemon or mint iced tea or sparkling water with a splash of juice. Take the Mystery Out of Your Meat If your chicken has been molded into a nugget, it’s hard to say what…