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Ask an Agent

SelectQuote agent Tiffany Gargano tells us a little bit about herself and addresses the frequently asked question of how SelectQuote chooses the companies it represents. Tiffany, How Long Have You Been a SelectQuote Agent? I’ve been an agent at SelectQuote since September 2011. What’s your Favorite Thing About Being a SelectQuote Agent? Knowing that I’m getting my clients the best prices available to them from the highly-rated insurance companies we represent. How Does SelectQuote Choose the Insurance Companies It Represents? We only represent companies that have high ratings from both A.M. Best and Standard & Poors’. The higher the rating, the…

Ask an Agent: Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

SelectQuote agent Joel Clark tells us a little bit about himself and addresses the frequently asked question of why someone might need life insurance. Joel, How long Have You Been a SelectQuote Agent? Over 13 years. What’s Your Favorite Part of Being a SelectQuote Agent? Having the opportunity to shop rates from top companies, and saving people lots of money. I also like it when I can find a company to ensure a client with a complicated health risk – especially when that client had trouble getting coverage in the past. Why Do I Need Life Insurance? If you have family…