Make the Executive Decision to Get Life Insurance

salute the flagGeorge Washington’s Birthday, February 22, was declared a federal holiday in 1885. As the first president of the United States, Washington’s birthday is of significant importance and has culturally morphed into what we now call President’s Day. We celebrate this day every year on the third Monday of February. You may be wondering why we celebrate this day, and most other federally declared holidays, on a particular Monday. This is because Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act in June of 1968 to increase the number of three-day weekends for federal employees. This act affects holidays we still celebrate today like Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day. Were it not for this act, we might have not had our beloved three-day weekends!

For whatever reason, an extra day added to our weekends a few times a year makes us happy. Most of us feel more rejuvenated for work on Tuesday; especially knowing that there is one less day until the weekend. It’s funny how one day off can lighten the entire mood of your week and shed a new sense of light into your work. Maybe it really is “the little things” in life that relax us and make us more content with our day-to-day lives. However, it is hard to be entirely relaxed on a day off when you are unprepared for the week. It is likely that you will spend your day worrying about the work that you need to complete and how one day off can put you a step behind.

Feeling unprepared for the week is manageable, but unpreparedness in the unexpected case of death of you or your loved one can be catastrophic. Each day you continue to live without a life insurance policy, you are gambling on the idea that you will not die. Although it is not a pleasant thought to think of, it is important to be realistic and logical about the coverage your loved ones will need when you will no longer be able to support them.

As a leader in your household, you should take responsibility to plan ahead for your partner and/or children and make the executive decision to select a life insurance policy best suited for you. Your loved ones rely on you for support both emotionally and financially, and it is your duty to look to the future to guarantee they can continue to rely on you even after your passing. SelectQuote can offer you a wide range of side-by-side price comparisons from highly rated Term Life companies based on your age, health, family health history, and lifestyle. You can get started on securing the future and getting a FREE quote by clicking here or calling 1-888-279-6192.

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