5 Father’s Day Health Apps

Father’s Day isn’t the only reason June is a major month for dads. June also happens to be National Men’s Health Month, which was instituted by Congress in 1994 to heighten awareness of preventable health problems in men and boys by promoting early detection of disease and injury. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of five must-have fitness and health apps to keep dads across the country healthy and happy every month of the year.


Having a medical issue? Instead of Googling your symptoms and getting lost down the WebMD rabbit hole, just ask HealthTap. The app sends your question to its vetted network of 100,000+ American doctors, and one will get back to you within a matter of hours. HealthTap also comes with a database of information on common ailments, enabling you to better identify your symptoms and narrow down the best remedy. Need more care? For $99 a month, a prime membership gives you unlimited text and video chatting with a primary care physician 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Free with optional in-app purchases.Download: Android/iOS

Nike+ Training Club

Sleek and simple, Nike+ Training Club delivers everything you’d expect from a top-notch fitness app: workouts designed by Nike Master Trainers (including several of your favorite athletes), customizable fitness programs, sharing capabilities for competing with your friends, and a completely user-friendly interface. Free.Download: Android/iOS


Need to get a handle on your diet, but don’t know where to start? Fooducate makes it fun and easy to eat healthily. Just open the app, scan a barcode at the grocery store, and get a quick read on how healthy a particular item is – and whether or not it fits in your diet. Fooducate also tracks and analyzes sleep, mood and hunger levels to provide you with helpful feedback regarding your health, fitness and weight loss goals. It’s like having a nutritionist on-call 24 hours a day. Free with optional in-app purchases.Download: Android/iOS 

Sleep Cycle

If you’re sick of feeling groggy every time you wake up, then Sleep Cycle is the app for you. After measuring your sleep patterns, this remarkable app syncs with your REM cycles and wakes you when you’re in your lightest phase of sleep during a 30-minute window before your alarm goes off. While you’ll technically get a little less sleep than you would with a regular alarm clock, you’ll wake up feeling a lot more refreshed and energized. You may never need that morning cup of coffee again! Free with optional in-app purchases for iOS users, $0.99 for Android users.Download: Android/iOS 


A growing number of apps are being developed for specific medical conditions. If you’re a diabetic dad, mySugr may be the greatest app you’ll ever download. Forget about using a pen and paper to log your food intake and blood sugar levels. This user-friendly app makes it easy ­(and even playful, thanks to the animated “sugar monster”) to track your meals, meds, blood sugar, and even basal rates if you’re a pump user. By providing timed reminders to monitor your blood glucose along with data analysis and eating recommendations based on your results, mySugr makes it easier to live with diabetes. Free with optional in-app purchases.Download: Android/iOS 
While these apps are a great place to start, here’s a bonus tip for healthy dads: Don’t forget to schedule regular checkups with your primary care physician – especially if you’re living with a medical condition like diabetes. Your body (and your family) will thank you!

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