Eat Healthy or Not?


Do we really know what healthy eating is, how to save money and shop for better quality produce?  In a rushed, hustle bustle society we tend to be like a microwave population.  We want it fast.  Even preparing a garden we want to harvest it “now.” Many don’t care about the chemicals used or what is on the food we buy.  We believe organic is expensive.

What about feeling better…

When we feel better, assuming we weren’t before, we want to live our life fully, with fun and pain free.  Let’s explore three tips that can help you get to that point and enjoy foods even as a busy career person or parent.

Tip 1: Fresh is best and Compare Prices: If green cabbage is $.79 a pound and purple is $1.49 is the difference worth paying for? The flavors of both are different but you may buy for “eye” appeal one time and flavor the next.  Or, you may want to compare organic versus chemicals.  I believe in investing in organic for nutritional value.

Tip 2: Plan ahead.  If you can know what you will be making/eating tomorrow that would be ideal.  You can plan ahead instead of grabbing whatever falls out of the refrigerator or freezer.  Plan for a day then a week.   The benefit will be your time saved from running back and forth to the store and in fuel costs.

Tip 3:  Involve the Kids.  Perhaps the “seeds” of healthy eating will rub off on them. Now it can dry out as they get older, but you can do your best when they are young.   Let them help you select the produce in the store or tossing the salad.  How about cutting up some produce?

Did you know…

Juvenile diabetes is extremely epidemic in our society and never was heard of when I was growing up. Obesity is on the rise still even in our kids.  Kids have many adult diseases.  Infant acid reflux is so prevalent too.  Sad.  Cancer affects our young ones too.

Why organic…

Our crops are sprayed with pesticides and fungicides so that bugs and pests don’t attack our produce.  It is not easy washing off pesticides.  They get into our food and we end up taking in these harmful products.  So to avoid pesticides and fungicides buy organic fruits and vegetables.  It is not expensive when you buy a less.  Health is wealth so start your own savings plan buying more organic.  Grow it inside or out.

In 2011 the Environmental Working Group compiled a list of the most heavily used fruits and vegetables to buy ONLY organic.

These include: apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, imported nectarines, imported grapes, sweet bell pepper, potatoes, domestic blueberries, lettuce, kale/collard greens.

See, the benefit of eating more organic produce can have on your health? Did you also know it could have a significant impact on your wallet in ways you may not have thought? It’s true! For example, researchers from The Univeristy of California, Davis have found that organically grown berries and corn contain 58% of the natural antioxidants that help prevent heart disease and cancer! And that is just one of the cooler organic food facts! Organic foods have also been shown to help you sustain physical activities longer. All of this can be useful to you when you set out to get life insurance.

If you have never gotten insurance, then you may not know that insurance rates can be significantly lower if you are healthy. Most life insurance companies will ask for your Body Mass Index (BMI) when giving you an insurance quote. Furthermore, even if you are currently healthy, unhealthy habits like a lack of exercise or poor diet can be red flags for an insurance company. These poor habits can lead to such health problems as diabetes or high blood pressure and cause your rates to sky rocket as well!

So you can see how eating organic can have an effect on more than just your health! So start fighting back to help improve health for all ages and you might just save some money on your life insurance as well!

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