Don't forget your SPF!

time for sunscreenWith the summer now in full force, we are beginning to see the effects of the season on everyone here at Select Quote. Spirits are lifted, suit-coats are few and far between, and many of us are coming in on Mondays a light shade of crimson from our time spent in the sun over the weekend. But today, we are all taking a hiatus from our soak up the sun sensibilities in honor of tomorrow’s National Stay Out Of The Sun Day.
This day, for many of us, is a much-needed reprieve from the UV rays before we celebrate Independence Day outdoors. The truth is that while there are certain health and obvious psychological benefits associated with exposure to sunlight, it is of the utmost importance to remember the fragility of our skin in the face of UV rays. The connection between exposure to sunlight and increasing incidences of skin cancer is undisputed. Exposure to sunlight can also lead to unsightly wrinkles and sunspots. Keeping this in mind, it is so important to not only stay out of the sun, but to take additional precautions in an effort to protect your skin, and ultimately health.
Here are some other ways you can care for your skin:

  • Use a Shield: Always wear sunscreen! SPF 50 and higher is best, even when it appears to be cloudy. You can still get burned
  • Be Your Own Dermatologist: Check your skin for irregularities so that you know if you need to go see a professional
  • Skip the Tanning Bed: Avoid going to a tanning salon at all costs. The UV radiation can lead to skin cancer, and people who start using sunbeds before age 35 increase their risk of skin cancer by 75 percent. (
  • Exfoliate:  Choose a pH-neutral exfoliation product, which smoothes and purifies the skin while respecting its natural balance.
  • Hydrate: Moisturize your skin. The dermis is made up of 70% water and the epidermis, 15%, and requires hydration in order to be healthy
  • Protect Yourself From the Elements: Pollution, smoke, and stress have harmful effects on the skin. Use products that protect your skin from these irritants and cleanse your skin thoroughly when you come home at night

The bottom line: from your friends at SelectQuote, please stay out of the sun and take care of your skin in order to protect your overall health. And if you are going to venture out into the elements, stay safe!

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