Do you have Spring Fever?

Spring PlantingWhat is Spring Fever anyway? Does it only affect you in Spring? Is it contagious? Does it even exist?

Apparently, you have been a victim of “Spring Fever” if you have experienced restlessness, excitement, tiredness, or virtually any other feeling that is unusual from your normal self. It’s probably safer to assume, though, that what you have probably experienced is extra sunshine, warmer days, and a tickle in your throat because your allergies have returned once again. Nonetheless, Spring is awesome because it gives you an excuse to “Spring Clean,” which means you can “clean” essentially anything in your life and deem it justifiable.

Yeah, we know you’ve already heard the phrase “Spring Cleaning” and you’ve thought about all of the dust underneath your couch and the patio that needs to be hosed off (and if you haven’t, you’re welcome), but there are so many more things that could use some organizing in your life that have the potential to be more valuable to you than just sweeping the floor. Here are five things that can probably benefit from the act of Spring Cleaning:

  1. Your schedule. Get out your planner, or your whiteboard, or your smartphone and start plugging in your duties. Add in your work schedule and other things you would like to accomplish throughout the week like going to the gym and the market.
  2. Your meals. Take out all of the old food in your pantry and toss the spoiled milk. If you’re trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle, get rid of the foods that you know are bad for you.
  3. Your Files. Tax season just ended and there’s no better time to get your files in order like now. That way, next time you need to look for something you won’t be stressed out.
  4. Your closet. We all know that it just takes one morning of trying on the wrong clothes to lead your closet into the state of disaster. Organize your clothes by the season, by color, or by what you wear least to most. The closet is a place that you have to look at every day. Who knows, you might even find something that you forgot you had!
  5. Your car. Cleaning out your car is extremely easy and it will make you feel brand new. Usually, the only problem that is going on with the interior is that you have accumulated trash and things like empty water bottles. Take 15 minutes and grab a trash can and just start throwing out the things you don’t need.

From your schedule to your closet, organization is a necessity of life if you want to have a clear mind and positive way of thinking. Don’t get bogged down by your own clutter. We at SelectQuote encourage you to organize something to make a positive difference in your life and avoid any potential negative effects of Spring Fever!

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