Ask an Agent: I Have Life Insurance at Work. Why Buy Through SelectQuote?

SelectQuote agent Dan Savino tells us a little bit about himself and addresses the frequently asked question of why it may be better to buy life insurance through SelectQuote than through an employer.

Dan, How Long Have You been a SelectQuote Agent?

I have been an agent here for almost seven years.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Being a SelectQuote Agent?

I enjoy interacting with clients. I love saving them money!

If I Can Buy a Life Insurance Policy Through my Employer, Why Go to SelectQuote Instead?

There are several reasons why. Most employer-provided life insurance – also known as group life insurance – offers insufficient coverage, since the policy amounts rarely exceed a year or two of the policyholder’s salary. Having replacement income for a little while is great, but what happens to your family when those one or two years are up? And then there’s the question of price. Individual term life rates are almost always better than group life rates. In most cases, you can buy the individual coverage you need for a fraction of the price you’d pay to get it through your employer.

How Can SelectQuote Secure a Lower Rate for Me Than My Employer?

If you’re in good health, you’ll always get a better rate than you would if you were lumped in with a group of people. When you get an individual policy through SelectQuote, the insurance company only takes your health into consideration – as opposed to the health of all your coworkers.

How Does the Coverage That I’d Get Through SelectQuote Compare to the Coverage That I’d Get Through My Employer?

If you get your coverage through SelectQuote, your policy is completely portable. You don’t have to worry if you ever have a career shift. Nor do you have to worry if your employer suddenly decides to stop offering life insurance in an effort to “cut back.” Most employer-provided plans aren’t portable at all. And who knows if your new employer will even offer you life insurance?
To learn more from Dan about why SelectQuote may be a better option than your employer for life insurance, watch his video here.

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