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How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary: Top 7 Tips

Whether you’re reconsidering the terms of your policy after decades of coverage or just now requesting a quote, life insurance can feel overwhelming. Once you have figured out how much coverage you need and whether term life insurance or whole life insurance is more appropriate for your situation, you still have to choose a beneficiary. In some circumstances, the decision might be pretty straightforward. But in many others, choosing a beneficiary comes with more caveats than you might have considered. Here is a quick primer on how to choose the best life insurance beneficiaries: Choose Your Beneficiary (or Beneficiaries) Based…

SelectQuote debunks Medicare Myths

Busting the Top 10 Medicare Myths

Healthcare is one of the single most expensive and important parts of your retirement. Most Americans don’t fully understand how Medicare works. Misunderstandings surrounding Medicare can be costly, so here…

Burial Insurance

How to Choose Burial Insurance Coverage

Many of us worry about passing the cost of final expenses to our spouse or other loved ones when we die. The National Funeral Directors Association reported the median price…