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What to Know About Retiring at 62 Versus Retiring at 70

Ah, retirement. That long-awaited life stage when all your hours of working, saving and family-raising efforts finally pay off. You’ll be free to travel, spend time with friends and family and enjoy the hobbies you never had time for. No worries, no stress, nobody to answer to. Except, without careful planning that scenario could be a fantasy. A 2017 Ipsos/USA Today poll found 45- to 65-year-olds surveyed, 30 percent had less than $100,000 in savings. Another 30 percent had no savings at all. No matter how much money you have invested for your retirement, deciding when to make the leap…

SelectQuote outlines the situations on who is Medicare-eligible before age 65.

Getting on Medicare Before Age 65

The annual Medicare enrollment period is about to begin, bringing with it a lot of questions about choosing your coverage, understanding the alphabet soup of its various parts and finding…