27 Great Dates for Married Couples

couples on a dateSometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. Between going to work, caring for the children, and tending to our responsibilities, there is barely enough time for sleep, let alone time with your significant other. Many couples face the difficulty of making time for each other when they place their children above everything else. While it is extremely important to place emphasis on family life, your relationship with your significant other needs just the same amount of TLC as they do.

For those of you looking to re-ignite the flame with the love of your life, we have put together a list of 27 date ideas to bring some excitement and adventure back to your relationship. The best way to break out of your romance rut is to alter your routine.

27 Dates to Spice up your marriage

  1. Rent a convertible and enjoy the views
  2. Cook a themed dinner
  3. Do the date activities you liked as a teen (bowling, paintball, 80s band)
  4. Start a project together (Check out one of the DIY ideas on Pinterest)
  5. Go to the airport with a surprise destination for a weekend away
  6. Attend a Renaissance festival
  7. Go to a costume ball (Bring your wife’s childhood dreams to life)
  8. Enjoy a couples massage
  9. Find a local hot spring
  10. Visit a local winery
  11. Take a Dance Class
  12. Sing Karaoke
  13. Go Ice-skating
  14. Attend a comedy show
  15. Eat breakfast in bed (Don’t forget the bubbly!)
  16. Take a scenic hike
  17. Visit open houses and get decorating ideas for your own home
  18. Pack a midnight picnic
  19. Make wine or beer together
  20. Go apple picking
  21. Rent a sailboat (and captain if need be)
  22. Go Kayaking
  23. Attend a free outdoor concert
  24. Go to a museum
  25. Walk at a dog beach (Enjoy the puppies without the added responsibility)
  26. Discover your artistic side at a ceramics studio
  27. Find a new restaurant on yelp you haven’t tried yet

The summer is always a great time to spice things up – so get a head start before the holiday season descends and quiet time for the two of you is even harder to find. At SelectQuote – we believe that your mental health is as important as your physical health so please find time to smell the roses together!     

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