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Money Moves to Help Millennials Save

A 2016 survey of 7,000 Americans found that 34 percent have nothing saved. When it comes to money and millennials in particular, though, things get a little confusing. While one study found a small percentage of millennials have already stashed away $100,000, another found 46 percent of young millennials have nothing saved. If you’re in the “no savings” camp, how do you get started when it feels like you don’t have a penny to spare? Set a Small Goal First things first. All savers have to start somewhere and sometime. It is all too easy to quit before you even…

Raising Money-Savvy Kids

3 Tips to Raise Money-Savvy Kiddos

Talking about money often falls into the category of taboo. But talking about financial matters with your kids is different than talking about money at a cocktail party. As a…