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Why Your Life Insurance Quote Could Change

No matter which life insurance company you choose, your initial quote is only an estimate of the premium you will pay. Only after the underwriting process is concluded are you offered a final price.

The more detailed and accurate the information you provide upfront, the more likely your quote will be the premium you pay.

Why Your Quote Could Change

  • The personal data that you give your agent differs from the data that you give in your insurance company interview.
  • The results of your medical exam differ from the information you provided in your initial application.

How You Can Help Avoid A Change

  • Be as accurate and consistent as possible. If you are not sure about certain details of your current state of health, like your cholesterol or blood pressure levels, contact your physician for your most recent results.
  • Fast at least 8 hours before your medical exam. If you take medication to control blood pressure or cholesterol, be sure to take it the day of your exam.

SelectQuote only gives you quotes after getting detailed information from you. The majority of our clients get the price they were originally quoted.

Because of the great number of policies that SelectQuote places with the life insurance companies we represent, we are often able to get clients their most favorable rates in cases with special risk.

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