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Facts About Life Insurance Companies

There are over 1,000 life insurance companies in America today. Most sell term life insurance, and some offer superb term products. But many only offer term life insurance in the event that a Permanent Life policy can't be sold.

SelectQuote only represents companies that are committed to term life insurance – and that offer highly competitive pricing. We constantly monitor what term life products these companies offer so that we can provide security and savings to the broadest range of people.

  • We know who offers the most competitive rates for preferred risks – i.e., those who are particularly fit, don't use tobacco, and are blessed with an excellent family health history.
  • We also know which companies offer especially good rates for people with special or impaired risk. In this way, we can offer competitive prices to people who have diabetes, cancer in remission, or a history of heart disease.

Besides offering excellent prices, every company we represent also:

  • Is rated A- to A+ by A. M. Best for financial strength.
  • Has an excellent record of paying every legitimate claim in full.

Our close relationship with life insurance companies results in real benefits for you. We've helped several of our companies streamline their case-issue procedures so clients can get their policies faster. And when you need answers about your policy, we know where to get the answers.

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